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Snowskates, eh?

What is snowskating exactly? It is the art of skateboarding on snow – shredding a mountain or a ski resort on a longboard deck attached via hinged metal trucks to a carving ski. The size of the deck and ski vary depending on snow conditions, rider preference and skill level. In a short time, snowskating has exploded in popularity and riders can be seen in our local parks, trails and ski resorts.

Snowskate - IMG 1

Snowskaters use skill and balance, not bindings, to stay on their board. This blows average observers out of the water, but comes as no surprise to skateboarders and surfers. It is, after all, exactly where that challenge, freedom and pure expression come from!!

In the beginning, people would create their own “Frankenskate” out of a kid’s ski and an old skate deck. Now a host of companies are producing top-of-the-line, complete snowskates in a variety of sizes, shapes and high-tech materials. The improved equipment and support of snowskate-dedicated companies have helped the sport expand internationally.

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The learning curve is short, their versatility is huge and the gear is compact, making it an excellent choice to get out and enjoy winter more. Snowskates are truly utilitarian, they can be ridden anywhere, from powder in the backcountry, carving up your local ski hill or going crazy in the terrain park, they do it all!!

Longboard Haven is the headquarters for Snowskate Ontario and they offer a wide range of equipment combined with the right knowledge and expertise. Come by and try something new this winter.